Our Process

We have spent years honing our web design process and have gotten it down to a science! We don’t reinvent the wheel each and every time. No flying by the seat of our pants. Here’s how we do it!

Step 1: Initial meeting – We meet with you, in person to learn about what you want/need out of web site.
Step 2: Quote Out – After learning about what you want out of web site we create a quote and cost estimate.
Step 3: Review & Sign – If the quote looks good, it is time to sign The Contract.
Step 4: Work Starts – Its our time to shine but it isn’t your time to relax. Creating a web site is collaborative we need you every step of the way so we can create the best site for you.
Step 5: Design & Concept – While we work on collecting the necessary information from you we will also be working on the design and web site concept. We will pepper you with a taste of what we are working on, if you approve, we will move forward.
Step 6: Development & Testing – As things start coming together we will continue to develop the site and test till things are perfect.
Step 7: Review & Tweak – Once we are close to finishing the site, it is time to review it and make those final tweaks.
Step 8: Launch – The site is done, time for the world to see it!