About Liquid Mechanix Studio, LLC

I started designing websites for fun back in 1999. I quickly moved from Angelfire to Geocities to my own domain. I loved the idea that any one in the world could see my web sites. Although I never had much traffic, I never gave up and tried to learn as much as I could about HTML and graphic design.

In early 2002 a co-worker showed me a website he designed for a local business. It was at that moment I realized I could take my hobby to the next level. A few weeks later I met with Linda Fayerweather of Changing Lanes, LLC, a business consulting firm, to plan my business. I wanted to create a different type of web design firm, one that put the client first.

I made a commitment to give nothing less than 110%, to push myself and my business to new levels so I could provide the best possible web sites, web applications, and other web services at reasonable prices. On March 14th, 2002 I started Liquid Mechanix Studio, LLC. I haven’t looked back since.

Over the years as I’ve built my business I have learned a lot. My business use to do everything from web design to video editing to Flash. My business was a jack of all media trades and a master of none. Then it hit me. Web design is much more than throwing some information and images up on a web page, even if it looks professional. It is about listening to my client’s needs, researching their market, learning about my clients on a deeper business level, and much more. Then taking that knowledge and creating a web site that helps their business grow.

A web site shouldn’t be a marketing expense or something that is done because you have to have a web site nowadays. A web site is the face of a business 24 hours a day 7 days a week that is accessible anywhere in the world. It is often the first impression a potential customer sees of a business. It can easily win over a potential customer but it can also turn a potential customer away for good. A poorly designed web site can ruin a business. Broken links, misspelled words, difficult navigation can drive customer away or make your business look like a fly by night business. It is that serious. If that isn’t enough of a reason to think of a web site as more than just a marketing expense I don’t know what is. It is that thought process that is my approach to web design.

I have made it my life since 2006 to be a different type of web design firm. I cut out services that I didn’t want to continually take to the next level. I focused my business on what we were good at, creating awesome web sites and web applications. From there I took those services to the next level by creating a business imaging service by providing high impact items such as business cards, logos, letterheads, and other printed media that directly affect how your customers think about your business.

Liquid Mechanix Studio isn’t just about creating awesome websites, we are here to educate, give back control, and help our clients reach their business dreams. After all if they don’t succeed, my business won’t either.

-Jeff Mendelsohn