Website Maintenance

After a website has been completed it will need to be updated at some point. Whether that will be daily, weekly, or every once in a while, we are here to help. We provide professional, timely web site maintenance services that are billed in 5 minute blocks.

What we do

Website Maintenance: Adding, changing, removing content such as text, images, links.

Typical Update Requests include:

  • New Pages & Page Changes: Text Changes, New Pictures, SEO Changes
  • Blog Posts, Company News, adding YouTube videos
  • Price changes, Promotions, sales and coupons

Website Improvement:
Your website is done but now you want a feature added? No problem. Need further work done on a feature to correct or improve it? No Problem. We can do what ever you need.

Typical Improvement Requests include:

  • Add a blog, shopping cart, calendar, member’s only area.
  • Change/Improve/Fix how a current feature functions.

Why choose Liquid Mechanix Studio, LLC?

Leave it to the Professionals: Web design is our life, we are very good at it, efficient, and will provide you with the best results. We also guarantee our work.
We are Here to Help: We are available to help when you need help. No more “I can’t get a hold of my web designer” or “It took 3 weeks to get our site updated”. We are available when you need help.
Cost Effective: Just need a picture change? Some Text updated? No problem. We bill in 5 min blocks. You should be able to update your site without a huge bill at the end of the day.
Attention to Detail: After every update we have an eleven point check list to make sure everything is done correctly the first time.
We Go Above & Beyond: Maintenance isn’t just about updating a website. It is about making sure your website functions and your business image is represented in the best way possible. We will correct issues that we find and share ways to improve your site and business. We want you to be successful.

How We Do It.

In the Beginning: We assess your website and your business needs.
Update Request: You can call or email us your updates. We will respond to let you know we received the request and let you know the timeline of the update. No more guessing if we got the message.
Updating: We will get to work fulfilling your request. Most updates will be completed in 1-2 business days.
Completion: Once the update has been completed we will email you to let you know.


Hourly Rate: $75/hr, billed in 5 minute blocks.

Blocks of Time: Pre-Purchase blocks of time. Anything over 5 hours at $60/hr. The time is good for 12 months.

Per Project: Some projects should go beyond a hourly rate. We custom quote all projects.